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Amanda Rowe

Hi! My name is Amanda Rowe and I am the founder and owner of Amanda Rowe Professional Massage, LLC.  I am a licensed massage therapist with a combined 23 years of massage therapy, sports medicine and orthopedic experience.  I am passionate about helping people heal, release stress, and return to a place of balance within their bodies.  I find joy in connecting with my clients and building relationships.

I graduated from Hesser College with diplomas in massage therapy and medical assisting.  I worked as a medical assistant in sports medicine and orthopedics for over 8 years and a massage therapist on the Seacoast for fifteen years. Sports medicine plays a key role in my massage practice today. Many clients come to me with complex sports injuries and enjoy my high pressure offerings. 

In addition, I love working with adolescent athletes and educating them on the importance of muscle health. Improving muscle flexibility and maintaining good range of motion will prevent injuries in your young athlete. 

I am an Exeter native and I love the small town community. When I am not at my massage table, you will find me with my husband chasing around our three sons and Labrador retriever Bruder.  I invite you to book a massage with me today!

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Amanda Rowe - Owner & Founer

Talisha Vatcher

Hi! My name is Talisha Vatcher, I have been a massage therapist on the seacoast for over a decade. Prior to becoming a massage therapist I spent years in the healthcare field which made me realize the importance of therapeutic touch on both the mind and the body. 

What sets me apart is the trust and bond I share with my clients. I bring quality and excellence to every session to bring relief from pain, stress and anxiety. I have been honored to work with clients through pregnancies, cancer treatments, and many other life changes. In my spare time, I am an avid hiker and love traveling with my husband and my dog Vincent.

I am thrilled to be offering my celebrated foot reflexology massage which can be combined with a Restoration or Therapeutic massage.  Learn more.

I’m looking forward to working with you!


April Gauthier

I have been grateful to practice my passion and craft for the last 8 years in massage therapy. It has always been my joy in life to help others, using my innate ability to nurture, and put others at ease. My path started at Seacoast Career School in Sanford, Maine, where I learned that I had a natural gift for healing touch. I excelled in orthopedic, sports, and deep tissue massage. I found it gratifying to give relief to my clients with chronic pain.

I am often told that my touch is much deeper than what most of clients have experienced before, getting into places they always wished other massage therapists could. My clients have lovingly given me the nicknames, "sweet hammer" and "iron hands"! My massage is intuitively guided, I can "feel" the spots that need the most attention. My approach is orthopedic and holistic. I am dedicated to making sure my clients leave my table feeling that I did something positive for their body. 

I am a self-studied student in a variety of health and wellness topics. I love to share my learning, and experiences with my clients who are looking for resources to better their well-being and compliment the work I do. I enjoy building authentic relationships with my clients who know I have genuine care for them. 




"I have travelled the world for 20+ years and have received massages at top tier institutions in over 20 countries. The most amazing thing is that the best and most consistent massages I have received are in my own town.  Amanda is a professional at the top of her game. Her ability to intuit your body’s needs and connect is unparalleled.  I have moved to another state and I miss Amanda the most!"  

- Joe B. (Healthcare Exectutive & Consultant)

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