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Massage Therapy Services

"Kevin and I have massages on a weekly basis and have used Amanda for 10 years. Amanda has a passion and understanding of massage and the body. She is respectful, professional but still personable and friendly. Amanda always starts and ends her massages with a grounding touch and during her massage she always has her hands touching you. Amanda sets the atmosphere with music, lighting and oils. The hour always goes by so quickly but the results of relaxation and relief of pain are fabulous."

- Liz F.

Restoration Massage

The focus of this massage is to restore balance to the whole person. Whether you are stressed or suffering from a chronic injury you will benefit from this massage.
Best for clients who seek light to medium pressure and is optimal for stress relief, muscle tension reduction, and increasing blood flow to improve overall health.


30 Minutes | $50

60 Minutes | $100

90 Minutes | $140

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage mobilizes the soft tissue to restore normal systemic and functional use. It can be stimulating or soothing depending on the technique, depth, and speed. This is the right choice for all your deep tissue needs. 
If you are an athlete looking to aid in recovery of injury or enhance performance, this is the massage for you.  The combination of trigger point techniques, stretching, and neuromuscular massage help aid in recovery and reduce pain.

30 Minutes | $60

60 Minutes | $120

90 Minutes | $170

*Couples Massage available upon special request.

Restoration Massage
Black Spa Stones

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Sea stones are incorporated into your massage by your therapist using them as extensions of their own hands. The warmth of the stone not only allows deeper relaxation, but they aid in warming up the targeted muscles which then can allow deeper mobilization to the “problem areas”.  This massage literally melts away any tension from the day. 

60 Minutes | $120

90 Minutes | $170

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is for any expectant mother who needs relief from everyday aches and pains. During pregnancy, regular prenatal massages may not only help you relax but may bring relief from neck and back pain, sciatica, insomnia, joint pain, leg cramping, and most importantly increase circulation of blood flow, which in return allows proper blood circulation to major organs including the placenta and uterus. Extra cushions and padding are provided to ensure a comfortable and relaxing environment.

30 Minutes | $50

60 Minutes | $100

90 Minutes | $140

Pregnant Belly
Hot Stone
Talisha is the absolute best massage therapist I’ve found on the seacoast! She's so intuitive with what my body needs, always knowing where to focus and for how long. Being a massage therapist myself it is so difficult to truly enjoy a service, but I fall asleep every single time I see Talisha. I pre-book multiple appointments at a time and see her monthly, but would go daily if I could!”

- Jillian B
Reflexology Therapy

Foot Reflexology Massage

This foot treatment helps reduce stress, brings balance to the body, energy, and mind. Reflexology is the application of pressure on certain points in the feet ( or hands) that help revitalize the corresponding organs of the body. Foot reflexology has many health benefits but most commonly beneficial for pain management, eye strain, digestion, improved sleep, and overall stress reduction. Foot reflexology is a fantastic way to interrupt the pattern of repetitive lifestyle stress by helping the body systems to return to their natural states. 

Foot reflexology can be booked as an individual, 30 minute session or in combination with Talisha's 60 & 90 minute Restoration or Therapeutic Massages.


30 Minute | Foot Reflexology Session | $50

60 Minutes | Combo Foot/Restoration Massage | $100

90 Minute | Combo Foot/Restoration Massage | $140

60 Minutes | Combo Foot/Therapeutic Massage | $120

90 Minute | Combo Foot/Therapeutic Massage | $170

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