Massage Therapy Services

"Kevin and I have massages on a weekly basis and have used Amanda for 10 years. Amanda has a passion and understanding of massage and the body. She is respectful, professional but still personable and friendly. Amanda always starts and ends her massages with a grounding touch and during her massage she always has her hands touching you. Amanda sets the atmosphere with music, lighting and oils. The hour always goes by so quickly but the results of relaxation and relief of pain are fabulous." - Liz F.

Restoration Massage

This massage treatment is a blend of relaxation massage, modified deep tissue massage and movement. The focus is on restoring balance to the whole person. Whether you are stressed or suffering from a chronic injury you will benefit from this massage.

Best for clients who seek light to medium pressure and is optimal for stress relief, muscle tension reduction, and increasing blood flow to improve overall health.  Restoration Massage can be tailored for pregnancy 12 weeks to full term.


30 Minutes | $40

60 Minutes | $80

90 Minutes | $120

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage mobilizes the soft tissue to restore normal systemic and functional use. It can be stimulating or soothing depending on the technique, depth, and speed. I tailor this massage to your individuals needs. 


If you are an athlete looking to aid in recovery of injury or enhance performance, this is the massage for you.  The combination of trigger point techniques, stretching, and neuromuscular massage help aid in recovery and reduce pain.  Special add-ons include the use of instrument assisted massage tools and kinesiology taping.

30 Minutes | $50

60 Minutes | $100

90 Minutes | $150

*Couples Massage available upon special request.